Guest Instructions For Video Setup

Technology has its own rules and, we abide! :)

In order for us to have the best experience on my Be Live TV Show as a guest, here are some tips and tools to use and make it a fun and fruitful experience.


Show Purpose & Mission
My show is all about women who see themselves as Leading Ladies who are leading the way for others. Women who are strong, creative entrepreneurial purpose driven spirits. Ladies who are agents of change, trailblazers and cosmic healers who strive to be heart-centered leaders. The intent is that you are about sharing insights, inspiration and the passion of what you do with others. We want to promote information and knowledge that has value and will enhance the lives of our viewers.

Now For The Techie Stuff

Lighting - Audio - Streaming

Here are a few things you'll need to get you up and running for a great interview.

  • Lighting - You must check to see where you will hold your interview spot. Make sure the lighting is good, so you are not too dark or shadowy. Also, take note of your background and make sure it's not too distracting.

  • Camera Direction - Check to see where your camera will be pointing. Keep it centered on you and not pointing too low or too high.

  • Ear Buds or Headset – needed for both host and guest (this can be optional, yet do have them just in case)

  • Wired ( or very near to your wireless ) connection to your Internet


Check your upload speed. We recommend you have a minimum upload speed of 5-10 mbps, ideally on a network connection that is not shared with any other computers or devices (check your speed here   Note:  If you have more than one person/device using the internet, you may find your upload speed slows considerably more.


BELIVE TV ONLY WORKS ON THE CHROME BROWSER. Make sure you have the most updated version of Chrome and clear your cache.


Access - is best from your desktop or laptop ( guest can access via their android or IOS mobile device, YOU will need to download the Be live TV app first, however it is advisable to use a PC if you can)


If the join link I send to you does not work when you click it, then copy and paste it into the chrome browser


Turn everything off on your computer except the Be live TV window. That will include Zoom, Skype, Word Documents, anything that is “ON” on your computer uses resources, especially Facebook, this will really slow down the Be live Broadcast


When connecting the camera, click the settings wheel to select audio, camera and speed. The speed defaults to 360p. It is best to leave it there.


During the broadcast, if you have a problem with the audio or visuals, you can refresh the broadcast by leaving and re-entering the broadcast ( on mobile ) or just hitting the refresh button at the top of your browser. You will lose video and audio and the broadcast will continue so you can just re-do your settings ( see below ) and come back into the show


I will do a "test" before we go live to ensure video and audio is working properly (in addition to a test run)



  • Do send me a SHORT bio from you to circulate, just one or two paragraphs please. We can talk about your life story and much more about what you're doing now and WHY.

  • Click the Guest Link 10 to 15 minutes before the broadcast time and we'll do an audio/visual check and trouble-shoot any issues.

  • We'll walk through the Agenda and we can talk about how the show will run. Generally, it will go something like this, nothing is written in stone:

  • I will intro the show

  • I will intro you

  • I'll ask you for some background info about you

  • We will talk about what your superpower is

  • How it helps people or adds value to their lives

  • I will ask if you have a freebie or some information that will help make their (the viewers) lives a bit easier

  • I will ask you how and where you can be contacted

  • Also have props ready to show like your book, guide, or product.


NOTE:  It will help you to prepare a bit and to have ready links to your website and Facebook page etc., and all the social media platforms you want to share and connect with the audience on.



How we can get a larger reach for the show is with a collaborative effort.

Once I have scheduled the Interview on Be live TV, I will share the link for the Interview with you. My Be.Live link is: 

BeLive Link:



You can share it on

  • Facebook to your personal profile

  • Facebook your business page(s)

  • Any FB or Linkedin Group ( where it is relevant )

  • Message people you know who will share the link and will love to join in or at least catch the replay

  • You can also tweet it on TWITTER and send to your email list

The more people that know about it, the more opportunity there will be for them to come along and join the broadcast, or catch the replay.

Know that I will be doing my part too and sharing the link far and wide. Doing all that I can to further get the word out and get you more eyeballs and ear holes for your message.


Your guest link is:

BeLive Link:

We are going to have a good time, have fun and add value to the audience, so above all relax and know that whatever insights you bring to the show they are going to be appreciated and all will be well.

 If you have any questions, please ask me and you will find me here:

[email protected] or call me at 772-240-9810.



Joy Ruffen


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