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Host's Name:  Joy Ruffen

Show Name:    Leading Ladies Leaving Legacies

Target Audience
Our target audience is like-minded women who are entrepreneurs (successful or on their way to success). Women who have been dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur (because everyone has a big idea!)

The intention is to reach and connect with these woman by sharing stories ( your story ) of how you came up with your idea/product/workshop/service/ and how it brings value to others in their business and/or relationships.

Also, we would love to hear how you overcame any obstacles, what drives your passion, and what advice you can share with other women who would like to find their own purpose and reach their potential.

We would love to hear how you are giving back to other women and/or your community.

Payoff of the Interview ( for target Audience )

Learning valuable information, tips, techniques and the secrets to success (that our guests will share) that will help inspire our audience to live a fuller more confident and productive life.  Our audience can be transformed by the insight, creativity, ingenuity and perseverance that our guests will share and who are now inspiring and empowering other women to stand in their own limitless power and greatness.  We celebrate family and community and how we can all be more productive; giving back and paying it forward to other women who just need a little confidence to move out of their comfort zone.

Below is a form to submit to me to make things easier for you.

Here Are A Few Sample Questions: (it will all be free form no formalized format)

  • Tell us a bit about you, your background, experience and why you love what you are doing??

  • What is a great tip or tool that you now know that you wish you had known earlier

  • What is a Secret to Success that everyone in the audience needs to know ?

  • Tell us more about what you will be doing next and why?

  • Are there any resources that you'd like to share with us and is there anything you'd like to share that I did not ask you about?


Optional yet you have this offer: 

If this is new and you are not that familiar with LIVE STREAMING?

We can do a practice run to make sure that your light and sound measures up and allow you to sparkle and shine.

My intention  is to always make sure that you are comfortable.

Feel free to text, Private message, email, or call me, and we’ll set a date to do a test run. 



  • Below is a button to complete a form that you can send directly to me please.

  • Do send me a SHORT bio from you to circulate, just one or two paragraphs please. We can talk about your life story and much more about what you're doing now and WHY.

  • Click the Guest Link 10 to 15 minutes before the broadcast time and we'll do an audio/visual check and trouble-shoot any issues.

  • We'll walk through the Agenda and we can talk about how the show will run. Generally, it will go something like this, nothing is written in stone:

  • I will intro the show

  • I will intro you

  • I'll ask you for some background info about you

  • We will talk about what your superpower is

  • How it helps people or adds value to their lives

  • I will ask if you have a freebie and tell our audience about it (some information that will help make their (the viewers) lives a bit easier

  • I will ask you how and where you can be contacted

  • Have props ready to show like your book, guide, or product.

It will help you to prepare a bit and to have ready links to your website and Facebook page etc., and all the social media platforms you want to share and connect with the audience on.


We love to interact with our viewers, so if you have something that facilitates that, even better. All of your ideas are welcome and here are some suggestions:

  • We can run a contest --- you supply the prize

  • You can choose one or two people to deliver a service too ( eg. A free reading or a chart and maybe one of your products or services )

  • You can offer a special deal to the first person (or X number of people) who do (action?)

  • The floor is open for your ideas and suggestions

We are going to have a good time, have fun and add value to the audience, so above all relax and know that whatever insights you bring to the show they are going to be appreciated and all will be well.



  • I will thank you for a great Interview.

  • Thank the audience for joining us

  • I'll invite the audience to check out your Website.

  • Thanks for being here it was my pleasure sharing this space and time with you and remember that you are the leading lady in your life.


If you have any questions, please ask me and you will find me here:

[email protected] or call me at 772-240-9810.



Joy Ruffen


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